The world of Elemencia is a world build by 2 overlords. Overlord Jaravu and Overlord Yimaru. Being a Overlord means that you control all 4 elements, fire, earth, air and water to the fullest!

One day Javaru's great battle skills and power surpassed those of Yimaru. He was not pleased by the fact that that has happened.

Power-hungry he challenged all 4 gods of elements to test his power but failed defeating them at each attempt.
Driven by hate, jalousie and anger he summon the fifth element to surpass Javaru.

Not knowing how evil this would turn out he continued training his fifth element. After 25 years of hard training he finaly managed to control the fifth element known as life. Now controlling this element he could summon any form of life as he desires.

He planned to take over the world by building an army of monster and spread them all over the world.
Meanwhile Overlord Javaru was training an army of his own. He selected a handful of fighters from all over Elemencia. Only the best fighters where selected!

Will you help defending the world of Elemencia!?

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